Frequently asked questions

What ingredients are used in Little Larch Playdough?

Little Larch playdough is made from all-natural ingredients. Our ingredients include flour, salt, cream of tartar, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil. We use plant based dyes which include beetroot, turmeric, purple potato, spirulina, annatto, cocoa and charcoal. Our dough is lightly scented with diluted, pure essential oils including sweet orange, lemon, lavender, pink grapefruit and spearmint. Little Larch playdough is prepared in a peanut-free kitchen; however, we use third party ingredients and cannot guarantee these ingredients do not contain traces of peanuts. While our playdough is made of natural ingredients + smells good enough to eat, it is NOT intended for human consumption. Parental supervision is recommended. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue play.

How should I care for my playdough?

Little Larch Playdough is best played with on a clean, dry surface. We recommend storing your playdough in a cool, dark spot and keeping it in an air-tight container to keep the color and texture consistent (the fridge is a perfect spot!). If any drying occurs, add a few drops of water and squish your playdough back to life! Should you notice any mold on your dough, discard immediately.

Do you take custom orders?

We sure do! Birthdays, corporate events, you name it! Send us a note at info@littlelarch.com and we can discuss your custom order.

How long does the playdough last?

Little Larch Playdough will last between 3-6 months if played with regularly and stored properly in an air tight container. Because of the natural dye we use, color may fade over time. We recommend storing in the fridge to maximize shelf life. If any signs of mold appear, please discard your playdough immediately.

Why the glass jars?

We get it. Glass and kids do not always mix. Our jars have been selected to provide air-tight storage for the playdough and to minimize plastic waste. They are fully recyclable and can be reused as paint jars, jam jars or storage for odds and ends. We recommend removing the playdough for playtime to ensure your little ones safety.

Does the playdough contain peanuts or other tree nuts?

Our playdough is prepared in a peanut-free kitchen; however, we use third party ingredients and cannot guarantee that these ingredients do not contain traces of peanuts. Our playdough contains almond oil to enhance the soft texture. If you would like to purchase playdough without almond oil, we would be happy to remove it. Please contact us at info@littlelarch.com with any questions.

What age should play with playdough?

We recommend our products for children 3 and up as playdough can be a choking hazard. Parental supervision is recommended.

Why plant based colours?

Synthetic dyes are derived from petroleum. We believe plant-based colours are not only more vibrant, but a more sustainable way to create beautiful colours for little hands.


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